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It doesn't take a large team or tremendous effort to make a huge impact.

Live Your Legacy, Leave Your Impact!!!

Jordan Johnson

I am a passionate healthcare professional, dedicated to helping and investing in others. Serving others is in my DNA, I was a clinical Radiation Therapist and treated adult and pediatric cancer patients at Duke University. I later led a team at Covenant health as the Director of the Cancer Center to meeting the needs of cancer patients in Middle Tennessee. As a healthcare consultant, I have over 300 clients that I helped with billing, coding, leadership and compliance. In most cases, there was always a dynamic, culture or leadership issue that was preventing them from the sustainable results they wanted. In speaking at seminars all around the country, I encounter lots of engagement, voiced concerns and feedback from the audience with little to no follow through for them after it is over. There has to be movement after hearing and that is what I am committed to.  ALL must be educated if there is to be sustainable change.

Gunner Johnson
Chief Motivating Officer

I am a 4 year old German Short Haired pointer. I love birds and water. I spent 3 dedicated months at the University of Maurice Lindley for training and countless hours under the direction of Frank Hanwright. I strive to be the best. I have several AKC ribbons for field trials. Though I am a champion in the field, my best trait is not my superior bird hunting, it is my loyalty. I understand the investment that has been made in me and am willing to make sacrifices to do whatever it takes.

Janie Foley
Content Specialist

“Be where your feet are”. Seems easy, right? You think, “Here my feet are, so here I must be”. Oh, but how wrong you are. When you live your life to please everyone else around you, it doesn’t matter where your feet are, those who are stronger and more determined than you will sweep you right off your feet, and not in the whole “fairy-tale love ending” type of way. But what if your feet were always were you wanted them to be? What if you were always the one in control? Be it your boss, your friend, your family, your spouse/significant other.. YOUR footsteps should never walk someone else’s path of what they believe is best for you.

I have an erupting passion for fueling the fire within….

Christa Oberthier, MA, CSC, LPC


Cheryl Turner Ed.D R.T.
Workplace Culture Expert
Content Specialist
Pod Cast Creator

I have built my 30-year career around healthcare professions in both the clinical setting and in the classroom.  I spent the past 15 years as Clinical Coordinator and Associate Professor in the Radiation Therapy Program at Chattanooga State Community College.  In the coordinator role, I served as the primary liaison between the college and multiple clinical affiliates, implemented clinical placement and instruction of students, and collected and analyzed data as required by accrediting bodies.  As a professor, my didactic proficiency comprised the topics of clinical oncology, anatomy and physiology, radiation biology, ethics, and leadership….

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I am excited to be a part of the Legacy by Impact team.  I am from the Longview, Texas, where I started my career in education.  I graduated from East Texas Baptist University with Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education and taught for 8 years before moving into school counseling.  I earned my Master of Art degree from Stephen F. Austin State University affording me the opportunity to eventually transition full time into mental health as an LPC-Intern.   I have diverse experience across settings.  In addition to school counseling, I’ve worked at a behavioral hospital over a dual diagnosis unit, .......CLICK BELOW TO READ MORE

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