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I just had the opportunity to spend a week with some fantastic people at the Hyper Oncology Conference, true leaders in the profession. One of the things that we talked about was “time.” I took their time for a few days, but they invested back in mine far more. We have about 39 million minutes in a lifetime if one lives to 75. Some of the biggest questions that we need to address now not later are:

  • What are we doing with our time?

  • Are we making an impact with our time?

  • Are we maximizing our effectiveness with our time?

  • Are we waiting on time?

  • Who is taking our time?

  • Who are we giving our time to?

  • Who deserves our time?

Many people wait a lifetime to actually “live”. They invest in their job far more than the paycheck ever shows/pays. I have met with so many who are waiting to live, “when they retire.” Do you know what your time is worth? You can absolutely put a price tag on it. What if your time was limited, would you invest it differently? Would you care as much about the insignificant things or insignificant people? Would what matters be more clear to you? Would it change what you want to me remembered for.

The work‐life balance is missing for many. We live in a time where we are connected by the phone and by the internet, all of the time. There is no disconnect. We go on vacation, and we work because we don't want to be overwhelmed when we come back.

We don’t say “NO” to more tasks and things that employers add on our plate, that will consume more time. Why? Because someone else will do it and it may make us look bad or not dedicated.

Wake up call‐‐‐you are replaceable, and you are not the best. Your 20 years of service will be eclipsed by the 20 minutes it takes to post your job. It is the sharpened pencil model. You are the pencil. There are 2 types: there is one that stays the same length and sharp all of the time‐‐‐ this is the one that gets no or limited work done. Then there is the one that has been sharpened down to the eraser‐‐‐this one simply gets tossed out and replaced when nothing usable is left.

So much TIME is spent worrying about what others think or the perception you portray. Think about this, how much time would you save if you weren’t on social media. Where would you invest it or what would you do. Are you spending your time waiting on the number of likes? It is time consuming and exhausting trying to look like you have it all together all of the time.

Entrepreneurs invest a ton time, often in business that fail. This is a sacrifice they make. Too many only see the product and the output, but not the sacrifices involved‐‐‐mainly time.

I have talked with many millionaires and billionaires‐‐‐‐‐that have no time and are not happy. Then there is the person working as a bartender or at the local car dealership that loves life.

The Rush. Too many people are in it for the fast and easy, the short game. The problem is generally life is much longer. Often this leads to disappointment and the waste of far more time. The end game is the same for us all; there is no fountain of youth. You will escape taxes but not death. Don't be in such a hurry to get there. You are not getting out of this ride alive.

Stealing Time. Who is stealing your time? Cut ties with those who only take your time but do not invest in it. Often you do not see it. It is the 10 minutes here for that person and 20 there. Then it becomes frequent. If you are good at what you do and dependable, this will be a battle as others will use you as leverage to make their lives easier or even get ahead. Remember, more people are looking for a free ride than not or seeing what mileage they can get out of you. Stay aware!

Looking Busy. We all know these people. They skate through life and eat up a ton of time with really nothing to show for it. Be careful about your association with these people. They are masters at consuming time, theirs and yours, with nothing to show. They are taking it to the next level of fake it until you make it.

What will your friends say about your time at your funeral? What will your kids say about how you spent your time.

The clock is ticking what are you doing with your time.

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